Five HK activists barred from Macau


Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung protests in front of an immigration counter upon his arrival in Macau. REUTERS
Immigration officers in Macau have denied entry to five Hong Kong activists who had travelled to the territory on Sunday morning as part of a high-profile visit by more than 30 pan-democrats. Legislators Leung Kwok-hung, of the League of Social Democrats, and unionist Lee Cheuk-yan, were among those stopped by Macau officials on arrival. They were questioned briefly and then sent back to Hong Kong. The other pan-democrats were allowed in. They are there for what is being called a "cultural exchange", designed to test Macau's newly enacted national security laws. In recent months, immigration officials in Macau have cited internal security laws as grounds to bar entry to pro-democracy scholars, politicans and NGO members.

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