DAB leader defends Beijing massacre comments

2007-05-16 HKT 12:04

Cheung Man-kwong.
Legislator Cheung Man-kwong. Photo: RTHK.
DAB chairman, Ma Lik, has defended his controversial comments that there was no massacre in Beijing in 1989. Mr Ma said media reports quoting him as saying Hong Kong was not ready for universal suffrage because many wrongly believed there was a massacre in Tiananmen Square, were 'not comprehensive.' Mr Ma was reported as saying that local students had not received 'proper national' education since the handover, and many still cared nothing about the mainland. He said there had been killings on June 4, but they should not be described as a massacre. Speaking to RTHK, he admitted making rash statements, but stressed that he was not trying to insult those who'd been killed while campaigning for democracy on the mainland. Pro-democracy groups have condemned Mr Ma. Democratic Party legislator, Cheung Man-kwong, urged him to take part in the Legislative Council debate on the issue later this month. Mr Cheung said he was saddened by the remarks.

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