MTR and KCR Octopus EPS Add-Value Services suspended

2007-02-04 HKT 00:08

Octopus EPS add-value services have been suspended at all MTR and KCR stations until further notice because of a glitch in the system. Octopus Cards Limited said problems were reported following a recent upgrade of the communication network connecting EPS and the add-value machines. Two customers found that money had been deducted from their bank accounts but no money had been added to their octopus cards. Refunds have been arranged for them, and a review of all add-value transactions since the upgrade is now under way. Any other customers found to have been similarly affected will also receive refunds. An investigation into the cause of the problem is being conducted jointly by EPS and Octopus. In the meantime EPS add-value services at all MTR and KCR stations remain suspended until further notice. However, cash add-value services at the machines have not been affected and will continue to be available.

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